AwareChair enables and promotes upright sitting

AwareChair - upright and healthy sitting made easy

Normal sitting postures on the AwareChair

AwareChair® - the new chair for active and upright sitting - without backrest and with the geometry for chest-opening. For everybody who wants to live an active and conscious life.

Sitting cross-legged or half cross-legged on the AwareChair

The AwareChair® supports you in a natural way. While you are working in the (home)office, eating at the dining table or meditating.


The all-rounder for every moment. Due to its stable workmanship the AwareChair® is definitely going to be your

long-lasting companion


Wherever you sit...

The AwareChair is for everybody who is striving to live a conscious and active life. That includes valuing your body and posture. You want to feel good, have a healthy spine, work and communicate with joy. In a group setting you want to be present and attentive. The AwareChair naturally supports you with all these aspects while working at your desk, eating at your table, taking part in a seminar, playing in an orchestra or sitting upright in meditation in a group or by yourself.

How it activates you...

The AwareChair is a chair without a back rest. At first sight you might think it is just a platform for sitting crossed legs or just another stool. But, the AwareChair is and does much more than that.

  • Its slightly sloping seat provides a defined perpendicular support for your buttocks.
  • Therefore the hips are activated to tilt forward which supports you moving up and opening your abdomen.
  • The dynamic wooden frame lets you play and rock with your posture and strengthen your back.
  • Sitting on the AwareChair in traditional, crossed legs or half crossed legs position will support you in creating or maintaining more flexibility.

Let me show you...

awareChair history

AwareChair presentation @

KölnDesign at the PASSAGEN 2020

Interior Design Exhibitions

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